Continue the Transformation Process.

Make education transformation a fluid, continuous process.

Transformation is not a single event at a specific point in time. Rather, it is a continuous process that may be punctuated by breakthrough events. Therefore, there must be flexibility in our school systems to allow for constant creative thinking about how to respond to change and improve ways to meet outcomes.

Keep the educational systems flexible to meet changing needs
and expectations.

Why This Recommendation Is Important

The pace of change in today’s society will continue to reshape the understanding and skills students willneed to be successful. Greater flexibility will allow school systems to respond to changing expectations and conditions, and help continuously improve student learning.

Actions Needed

At the state level:

  • Modify regulations and statutes to encourage and reward innovation in improving learning outcomes and opportunities for children.
  • Appropriate funds for R&D to support innovation in public education to reduce the achievement gaps related to poverty and globalization as well as to raise learning outcomes.
  • Waive statutes and regulations for an extended period (three-five years) based on promising proposals to foster innovation and increase child outcomes.

At the district level:

  • Develop streamlined mechanisms for teachers and administrators to propose and receive approval for innovative practices that have the potential to improve student outcomes.
  • Offer incentives to promote continuing transformation to improve student outcomes.
  • Develop an R&D fund that is a minimum of one percent of the school district budget and is governed bya group that includes the Board of Education and representatives of stakeholders including teachers, administrators and parents.
  • Upgrade technology and learning resources as needed to remain current.