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CAPSS offers a variety of reports to fit your needs.

CAPSS is deeply committed to transforming public education in Connecticut. But true change cannot take place in isolation. So we encourage you to learn more about our commitment to education and our initiatives by downloading any of the reports listed below.

Executive Summary
Want an overview of the problems with Connecticut’s education and our core recommendations for change — but don’t have the time to read our extensive 36-page Summary of Proposals? Simply download this 8-page Executive Summary to read all the highlights.  Download »
Summary of Proposals
Looking for an in-depth review of each recommendation we propose — and the actions steps that are needed for success? Simply download our extensive 36-page Summary of Proposals to get all the details. Download »
Full Research Reports/Background
Want to read the full research behind each one of our 10 core recommendations? Simply click on any of the links below to jump right to it.