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Connecticut’s public schools don’t need a few changes. They need a total transformation. That’s the recommendation of The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS).

The key proposal? Revolve everything around the “learner” to ensure Connecticut’s children receive the best possible education.

To learn more about this new approach, explore this site. You’ll find information about the problem, recommendations to solve it and ways to stay updated on our progress.

Successful learning occurs when learners are fully engaged in the active learning process.

That’s why CAPSS recommends a new model for education that clearly places the learner at the center of all strategy and action. With this model, the learner remains accountable for all “learning” as teachers provide guidance and evaluations, and address student needs, interests and overall engagement in the material.

Higher standards. Personalized learning. Two essential factors that will help all students learn at higher levels.

By accommodating diverse learning styles and personalizing teaching methods, learning becomes more productive. This means students can progress in school based on their own demonstration of essential knowledge – not on the time spent in the classroom.

Start early – and support students often. That’s the idea of this part of our learner-centered model.

From pre-school, all kids should be ready to learn. Then, as they progress, we must offer more options for where they can go to school and what curriculums they can choose. Along the way, assessments must test mastery of information as well as acknowledge different ways of learning. And throughout their entire path, we must leverage technology to enhance learning

In order to transform and continually improve education, we must remain focused on fostering a greater involvement of key influencers in a student’s life.

Specifically, we must:

  • Realign the state’s educational system by reforming leadership
  • Attract, train and develop new teachers in order to boost quality
  • Foster parent, caregiver, and community involvement in a child’s overall education
  • Continue transformation by remaining flexible.

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